Tips on planning ahead and buying your event tickets much cheaper!

Get your event tickets at a great low price every time

Many festivals, concerts and large events are announcing their tour dates much sooner than before. For festivals, it is often around the same time each year so the question is not when the event will be, but when the tickets will go on sale for the event.

When it comes to concerts, each date is planned out ahead of time, often months to prepare and book the venues. Depending on the length of the tour, you will be able to know where your favorite artists will perform several months ahead of time. Because of this, tickets sales tend to be doled out in stages, rather than all at once.

Get Your Tickets Early and Save Some Money

1. Tickets are Sold in Multiple Stages

Most often tickets for events and festivals are sold in multiple stages. They will only release a few tickets in the beginning as a way to see potential interest in the event. They will then release more as the event date gets closer and can continue to do this for many stages.

Typically the first stage is reserved for those who attended the event last year and are looking to go to the event again this year.

The price is often the cheapest as a reward for those who are looking to return. They may then offer an “Early Bird” price for those who commit to the event months in advance.

As the event date approaches, the ticket prices will tend to be more expensive. When it comes to festivals, the ticket releases often coincide with artist announcements. Each time more artists are announced for the event the higher the ticket prices go.

If you know that you will wanting to attend an event or concert, it is best to get your tickets as soon as possible. This will ensure that you receive that at the best price and can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

2. Finding Last Minute Accommodations

If you are planning on attending an event in another city or for a weekend, often times you will need to get a plane ticket and hotel room. Waiting until the last minute to purchase these accommodations can be quite expensive.

If you purchased your tickets early, you will be able to plan out your trip ahead of time and shop around for the best prices. Airfare will also be much cheaper the further out you buy the tickets as well.

If you know you are going to attend an event, you will also be able to plan better with your friends who are also interested and can save some money by staying with them or splitting accommodations.